Boutique Butcher Shop Opens in Westport

Saugatuck Craft Butchery

Saugatuck Craft Butchery Sets Out to Revive Tradition and a Sense of Community

The highly anticipated opening of Saugatuck Craft Butchery in Westport will begin providing Fairfield County delicious pasture-raised and organic meats just in time for the holidays. The “old-fashioned” butcher shop will carry meat from small, local farms that share their values of quality and sustainability. It is part of a new wave of whole animal butcher shops that have been popping up in major cities nationwide- the first of its kind in Connecticut- following a nose-to-tail philosophy, meaning that every part of the animal gets used.

Home cooks and foodies have been salivating over their exquisite dry-aged meats, hard-to-find cuts, house-made sausages, and high quality charcuterie. The appeal extends to those who insist on knowing where their food comes from and how the animals were raised. They will carry premium beef, pork, lamb and poultry products from animals that live stress-free lives and have never been given antibiotics, hormones, steroids or animal by-products.

A combination of their passion for extraordinary food, an understanding the need to eat consciously, and the lack of access to locally, humanely and sustainably produced animals in Connecticut is what drove husband and wife owners, Ryan and Katherine Fibiger to look to alternative sources. What resulted was them finding mentors in Josh and Jessica Applestone of Fleisher’s Grass-Fed and Organic Meats in Kingston, NY. Ryan quickly abandoned a finance career to study with Fleisher’s full-time, and soon after, the concept for Saugatuck Craft Butchery was born. “We feel so fortunate that we can provide the community with high quality meats without compromising our ideals, but the best part is that it’s the most delicious meat you’ve ever tasted. Just wait until you try the bacon!”

Craft Butchery is taking on the mission of reintroducing an old tradition of whole animal butchery, education, and the creation of community. It’s our great pleasure to share their stories and answer all customer questions about the methods that were used to bring the meat to their plate. The butchers, Ryan and co-owner Paul Nessel, will do what old-fashioned butchers did- offer advice on cooking tips, recipes, and new cuts to try. “We feel an obligation to help build the community by working with local farms and businesses, assisting local charities, and teaching classes about our craft and philosophy.”

Saugatuck Craft Butchery is an old-fashioned butcher shop with modern day ideals. It is the first whole animal butcher shop in Connecticut, and is dedicated to supporting small local farms that share their commitment to quality and sustainability. It is located at 575 B Riverside Ave. in Westport, CT. Visit the website for more information at

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